This is the basic function of wipes. Ordinary wipes can achieve the purpose of cleaning, moisturizing and maintaining the skin. Because general wipes have a good moisturizing and maintenance effect on the skin, so it is very convenient to wipe your face before going out.odm dog wet wipes

If you only need to suppress bacteria, you can choose sanitary wipes, wiping will play a role in sterilization, but can not reach the effect of disinfection. For special requirements of wipes, can quickly sterilization and play the role of disinfection wipes, must choose disinfection wipes, can sterilization, mainly to prevent sudden influenza and so on. When women remove makeup, they will use special makeup remover wipes to dissolve and remove makeup stains deep in the pores of the skin. After that, they will be used to wipe computers, tables, chairs, glasses, etc. It is much better to wipe computer screens, glasses, tables, chairs and other objects with wipes than to wipe with a rag.odm dog wet wipes

Wet wipes wholesale baby use wet wipes to pay attention to what? Parents should try new wipes on their babies before giving them to them. Do not give it to your baby if you experience alcohol irritation or allergies. This wet towel may damage the baby’s skin and body.odm dog wet wipes


Some babies may be allergic to some wipes if they stop using immediately. If the skin becomes red, itchy, or irritated after using the wipes, stop using them immediately. In severe cases, you should go to the hospital for emergency treatment. After using, pay attention to sealing after taking out the wet wipes, odm dog wet wipes be sure to paste a sealing sticker on the wet wipes to prevent water evaporation and ensure its sterilization and disinfection effect.


When the weather is cold, heat the wipes slightly before using them. When the weather is cold, the wipes need to be heated slightly before giving them to children to prevent them from catching cold. Pay attention to the location, do not randomly discard wet wipes should be placed in the baby can not reach the cool place, to avoid accidental eating.

Post time: Dec-28-2022