Baby wipes are used a lot in daily life, especially for babies, to wipe their faces or buttocks. Because the baby’s skin is tender, you can’t use ordinary towels. Wipes are moist paper towels used to wipe the skin. Wet paper towels are now many families will buy daily necessities for the baby, to buy the baby wet towels should pay special attention to, because the baby’s skin is tender, when choosing is to choose carefully, so as not to bring discomfort to the babyodm kitten wet wipes


Wet wipes can give the baby dry cleaning, wet wipes no matter how good is not all-around, and it is developed for a certain purpose, do not to point cover. Of course, we must wash it. If it is not convenient to take a bath every day, we can wash it once every 2 days. When the interval is over, we must use water to wash the baby’s face, wash hands, wash feet and wash buttocks. Wet wipes to wipe the baby’s butt, the newborn baby’s shushi and smelly forever flow, odm kitten wet wipes if every time with clean water, trouble does not say, so frequently wear and take off clothes, especially in winter, accidentally let the baby catch a cold is more than worth the loss.

Compared with quick hand elimination, odm kitten wet wipes wholesale wipes have the advantage of storing disinfectants, which can still squeeze out enough disinfectants during the wiping process to ensure that the disinfection effect is not affected by the order. If you follow the “six-step washing technique” or the manufacturer’s recommended wiping sequence, you can ensure that every part of the hand is clean and disinfected in place. When selecting the wipes, it is necessary to pay attention to the test report to see whether it achieves the specified killing effect (the number of killing pairs of E. coli is >5; The killing pairs of Staphylococcus aureus were >5; The killing value of Candida albicans is >4), whether there are field tests for hand disinfection, whether there are multiple complete skin stimulation tests, whether there are moisturizing agents to avoid dermatitis, etc. If necessary, relevant studies can be carried out to conduct bacterial culture of hands before and after wiping.

Post time: Dec-14-2022