Instructions for use of disinfectant wipes;
1. Pay attention to the shelf life: after the shelf life, sterilization and disinfection components, will reduce;
2. Pay attention to irritation: high-quality wipes do not have any irritating smell, while inferior wipes have obvious irritating smell;
3. Pay attention to sealing: sealing is good for the effectiveness of sterilization.

Antibacterial Wipes
Tips: Do not put the disinfectant wipes in the place where the baby can easily touch. Especially the baby mouth lust period will see around any interesting things into the mouth, as a kind of self entertainment and self enjoyment activities. If the baby comes into contact with the disinfecting wipes, the disinfecting ingredients in the wipes will be contaminated to the baby's hands, which will be "eaten" into the mouth, affecting the baby's health.
Non-woven fabric is actually non-woven fabric, wet towel manufacturers use non-woven fabric with domestic cloth and imported cloth points, domestic cloth is thin, soft and easy to fluff, imported cloth is relatively thick, flat, crisp, have a better feel, handwork is more ideal. Disposable medical non-woven products are medical and health textiles made of chemical fibers including polyester, polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene, carbon fiber and glass fiber. Non-woven cloth has a variety of different colors, we can design different patterns, non-woven book, non-woven cake, non-woven doll, non-woven bag, etc., can be made by our hands, so the form of wet towel is also diverse Wet tissue.
Distinguish high grade and inferior wet towel even when choose and buy, high grade wet towel can have the fragrance of a kind of gentle quietly elegant, without any excitant breath, and inferior wet towel has apparent excitant breath. Generally speaking, high-quality wet wipes are mostly made of non-woven fabric, soft and white in texture, without any impurities, and inferior wet wipes will have obvious impurities. In use, high quality wipes will not be fuzz, inferior wipes have obvious fuzz, which can stimulate the skin and easily make people feel itchy.

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