When choosing wet wipes, consumers also need to carefully check the product manual, choose a detailed site, service telephone, health standards, enterprise standards and other identifiers, baby wipes generally do not contain alcohol, flavor and other ingredients that stimulate the baby’s skin. Hold the wipes to your nose and smell them gently to make sure they don’t have a strong aroma or pungent taste before buying.


Qualified baby wipes non-woven fabric is white, without any impurities, and poor quality wipes their raw materials are very poor, you can see that there are obvious impurities,odm dog wet wipes high quality wipes in the process of use, there will be no obvious fuzz phenomenon, and poor wipes in the process of use there is a very obvious fuzz phenomenon, the less the better the ingredients of baby wipes, the more ingredients but increased the potential risk probability, This is something expectant mothers need to know.odm dog wet wipes


Understand the characteristics of nursing wipes wholesale, nursing wipes convenient to carry, the market products have a variety of specifications of portable and family, use is also very convenient, not restricted by space and time, anytime and anywhere to take out a wet wipes, wipe the designated parts.odm dog wet wipes


Compared with common portable sprays and powder products, nursing wipes have the characteristics of accurate positioning and 360 degrees without dead Angle wiping, to avoid inhaling the ingredients that damage human lungs and pollute clothing. A large number of functional testing experiments need to be carried out before the marketing of nursing wipes from regular manufacturers to determine the effect.


Choose care wipes Note Because of the volatile nature of wet wipes, you can choose to purchase and use independent packaging, which can reduce volatility and improve the use efficiency of wet wipes. When choosing wet wipes, it is recommended to choose unscented, so that we use it, will reduce the irritation to the skin, especially the use of children, skin sensitive people should pay special attention to the use.

Post time: Dec-28-2022