Cotton soft towel is dry and rough to use, and may also show the phenomenon of floc, and some paper towels are poor flexibility, easy to rot after dipping into water. And cotton soft towel is not only thicker than paper towel, and good flexibility, can be directly used to wipe off the face when washing, and not easy to show the phenomenon of flocculation.

Advantages of cotton towel compared with towel

Cotton soft towel: the general towel is used repeatedly.China Wet Wipes

If it is not aired well after use, it is easy to multiply bacteria and mites, and it is easy to show discomfort such as allergy after use. The cotton towel is used to draw a piece at a time, the use of safety, will not form a secondary pollution to the skin. And the cotton wrap makes it easy to take with you when you travel, China Wet Wipes so you don’t have to use a wet towel when you travel.

Cotton soft towel

Advantages of cotton wipes over wet wipes

Cotton soft towel: Many wet wipes on the market are added with alcohol. Although alcohol has the effect of decontamination, it also has degreasing power, and the skin is relatively tender. If it is used for a long time, it will easily affect the health of the skin. The cotton towel inside is not added chemicals, safe and healthy use.

When traveling, a towel is used. Disposable face towel, wet towel and rag can be replaced by cotton soft towel. China Wet Wipes Moreover, it is convenient to take a single package, and it will not be polluted and clean. The KITCHEN ALSO CAN BE USED, BOWL IS LESS WHEN CAN BE USED DIRECTLY WHEN WASHING DISH TOWEL, ECONOMICAL DETERGENT AND EASY RINSING, ALSO CAN WIPE DRY CLEANING BOWL WATER STAIN, PACKAGE DID NOT EAT THE FOOD THAT FINISHED, WASH THE GREASE THAT FRY FOOD WHEN BLOTTING PAPER, WHEN STEAMER DRAWER PAPER, WAIT A MOMENT.


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