Propylene glycol is a commonly used moisturizing ingredient in wet wipes. In addition, private label disinfectant wipes aloe vera essence also has some moisturizing properties. Although some ingredients of wet wipes seem natural and safe, their effectiveness will be greatly reduced if they do not have moisturizers.private label disinfectant wipes


Does the baby need to use wipes? The advice of nursing experts is that it is best not to use wet tissue to wipe the baby’s mouth, because the skin on the face is different from the skin on the butt, and the fitness is different. However, if you have no choice, use it once in a while. There are many inconvenient situations to go out, such as the baby smelly, dirty hands, no water to clean when eating… You can use a wet paper towel to solve, very practical and convenient. Especially in winter, in the baby clean at the same time, there is moisturizing effect, prevent chapping of small hands, so when going out, wet paper towels are always a must in the mother’s bag.

The ingredients of wipes determine the quality of baby wipes. In order to achieve the moisturizing, moisturizing and bactericidal effects required by wipes, the ingredients added by different brands of wipes are also different. Remember not to contain essence, alcohol, fluorescent agent, whitening agent and other chemical ingredients, mothers should pay attention to check the ingredients on the product label when buying, if contains stimulating ingredients do not buy.private label disinfectant wipes


The quality of substandard wipes contain propylene glycol. Propylene glycol mainly plays a cleaning role, but this substance is slightly toxic and will cause poisoning after oral administration. So we must pay attention to the selection of ingredients when the baby chooses wet wipes. We must ensure the quality of disinfection when using wet wipes, because the use of not thoroughly disinfected “wet wipes” to wipe hands, but will let the hands with more germs, it is better not to wipe.


Wet wipes detection method: 1, test wear resistance: take a wet wipes to wipe dozens of times on the plane, and then compared to the surface of the wet wipes hair, hair less or no wipes quality is better. 2, test humidity: wipe the back of the hand with wet wipes, and then wait for 5 minutes, 30 minutes after observing the humidity of the back of the hand, the humidity of the back of the hand is better, indicating that the moisture effect of the wipes is also better. 3, test the pH value: the simplest way to test the pH value of baby wipes is to use the ph test paper, bring clean plastic gloves will wet the liquid test paper, and then compare the color of the test paper to determine the pH value of the wipes.

Post time: Nov-18-2022