Baby Wipes made in China is specially used for Baby wipes. Compared with adult wipes, Baby Wipes made in China has higher requirements, because Baby's skin is very delicate and easy to be allergic. Baby wipes are divided into ordinary wipes and hand and mouth wipes. Ordinary Baby wipes made in China are usually used to wipe the Baby's butt, and hand and mouth wipes are used to wipe the Baby's mouth and hands.


Baby wipes are divided into different types according to their functions, including disinfection wipes and hand and mouth wipes, which have disinfection and antibacterial functions. Different brands of wipes have different prices and comfort levels, so they can be purchased according to actual use conditions. At present, there are good reputation for the sensitive skin of baby heart printing baby wipes, Yingbao baby wipes, Bobo baby wipes, Miaojie silk and other special wipes and Johnson baby wipes.
2,texture of material

The cost and price of wet wipes mainly depends on non-woven fabrics. Baby wipes generally use spunthorn non-woven fabric, which is divided into two types: straight spread and cross spread. Straight spread has poor tensile resistance, thinner and more transparent, easy to deformation, fuzz, and cause discomfort for the baby. Cross spread network is also called vertical and horizontal network weaving, with tensile basic deformation, thick cloth is not easy to penetrate.

Baby wipes are used for cleaning and care baby's delicate skin and small fart fart, wipes composition is mainly treated pure water, then add some gentle and safe for the baby skin nourish skin ingredients, mild wipes for baby skin not contain alcohol, soap qualitative baby later cause allergic ingredients, Some high-quality, thoughtfully designed wipes take into account the fact that young babies are prone to red bottoms and include ingredients that can help prevent it. Good quality wipes will not flout after use.

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