Wipes wholesale manufacturers share the use of disinfection wipes, disinfection wipes have a certain shelf life, after the maintenance period of sterilization and disinfection ingredients will be reduced. So before use must look at the shelf life, and pay attention to the choice of health department license,wholesale wipes before you can buy. Do not use wet wipes directly wipe eyes, middle ears and irritating parts.


If the wipes appear irritating reactions such as redness, wholesale wipes swelling and itching after use, they should be stopped in time. In severe cases, wholesale wipes seek medical attention immediately. Wipes have the function of disinfection and antipruritic. In daily life, we should choose wipes with good packing tightness, so as to maintain the effectiveness of sterilization and disinfection of wipes. After using wipes, we should stick the sealing strip in time to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which will affect the use effect of wipes. Generally speaking, qualified disinfection wipes are made of non-woven fabric, white texture, no impurities; Poor quality wipes will have obvious impurities, smell will feel obvious irritating odor.


Wet wipes manufacturers share the choice of baby wipes recommendations, mothers in the choice of wet wipes for the baby is not the wetter the better, the wet wipes, the more wet, the more easy to wipe the bacteria, so choose the moisture content of wet wipes appropriate, if you feel the humidity is obvious and transparent liquid with a light milky white is a good wipes.


Baby hand and mouth wipes with cover wet wipes are specially designed for babies by wipes manufacturers. It extracts chamomile extract essence and nourishes baby’s skin. The cloth used by baby hand and mouth wipes is non-woven fabric, thickened and increased, with cotton content up to 60%, gentle skin care, and the water is divided into pure water, mild, no fragrance and no irritation;

Post time: Jan-03-2023