Designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, Our eco bamboo baby wipes are made with 99% purified water and are enriched with aloe vera & vitamin E. They’re even accepted by the National Eczema Association (that’s really good, baby).

Everyone’s skin is different, which makes it hard to find products that provide the same kind of protection and care for everyone in the family. Our mission is to make it easy to care for the whole family’s skin; with gentle products that help protect all skin from irritation – from normal skin, to sensitive skin, to sensitive baby skin, even eczema-prone skin. With every product, our wipes helps you create a clean and gentle everyday.

We believe a great way to keep your skin problems under control is to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. We’re committed to developing gentle, quality products, so none of our products contain harmful chemicals, but are full of good, active ingredients that clean and care for your baby, yourself and your family. So you’ll never find unnecessary ingredients in our products, whether for skin or household use. With the most essential ingredients, you can use our products for the whole family with peace of mind. Gentle and effective; for all skin types.

We’ve developed our products with natural material to suit even the most sensitive skin. We are fortunate to work with many respected partners; with whom we have worked for over 20 years. With these partners by our side, we’ve been at the forefront of skin care to develop clean, gentle products that can keep you and your family’s skin soft and reduce the risk of allergies and sensitivities.

Just as it’s important to us that our products have a positive impact on your skin, it’s also important that we have a positive impact on the planet. That’s why we strive to use non-harmful chemicals as well as to use our raw material as well as possible – in fact, all of our wipes is produced using 100% ECO material.

Post time: Dec-02-2021