Are baby wipes necessary? Newborn babies not only have delicate skin, but their bodies are often dirty. Baby wipes can replace towels to clean your baby’s dirty hands and face and play a role in moisturizing, but also a good helper for your baby to have diarrhea and wash your butt. I believe that washing the baby’s butt several times a day is a headache for mothers, but wiping with baby wipes is much more convenient, saving time and effort, and can also clean up more cleanly.

Wipes with two preservatives added are not available. Usually wipes are added preservatives, but do not buy the two preservatives containing CIT and MIT wipes, they are widely used in cosmetics, but baby skin is particularly delicate. private label disinfectant wipes Scented wipes are not available. This kind of wipes is easy to cause a baby’s tender skin allergy, to choose unscented wipes, safe and assured.private label disinfectant wipes


Put a tight seal on the wipes after each use, private label disinfectant wipes and keep the wipes in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature. Large packages of wet wipes are generally 80 smoke, pay attention to the storage method of wet wipes, until the stock of baby wipes is used up, usually will not expire. If it is a wet towel that has been opened, it is not used up in a very long time, especially if the seal is not glued, do not use it for the baby, because it is likely to have bred bacteria.

Post time: Nov-18-2022