Daily disinfection is particularly important, the most commonly used is the wipes to disinfect. A lot of friends like to use the wipes that contain alcohol component to scrub to have certain disinfection effect. This approach is very correct, but as a wipes manufacturer wants to tell us some things we need to pay attention to when using wipes:

1. No substitute for hand washing

Using wet wipes is not the same as washing hands. Body wipes supplier The doctor focuses on wet paper towels and how to repeatedly wipe hands can not remove the skin appearance of bacteria, wash hands with soap, coupled with the activity of water, is the cleanest.

2, not repeated use

A study in the United States has also shown that wet wipes, when applied repeatedly, do not remove bacteria, but transfer some of the surviving bacteria to uncontaminated surfaces. Therefore, we should pay attention to the best every wipe a new appearance for a paper towel, not to use it to scrub eyes and other sensitive parts.Body wipes supplier

3, it is best to choose a non-fragrant type

The basic ingredients of wet paper towels are fragrantless. The tea fragrance and lavender fragrance we usually smell are produced by increasing the fragrance. Choosing non-fragrant wet paper towels means that less additives can be touched.

4. Don’t wipe your eyes directly

In particular, it is necessary to use less wet tissue to wipe the face, especially not directly wipe the eyes, middle ear and mucosa. If the skin appears red, swollen, itchy and other symptoms after application, the application should be stopped immediately.

5. Wipes should be used within the shelf life. If you find mildew on the wipes, do not apply them.


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As a treasure mother, baby wipes are daily necessities, taking the baby out is a must. Because BE NOT TO GO WHERE CAN HAVE WATER, IF DARLING SHOULD WIPE FART FART, WITHOUT WATER, HOW TO DO? It is necessary to use our baby wipes, wipes is the moisture of the paper towel, with water can easily scrub the baby’s butt. So baby wipes are an important product for baby mama. So as a baby hand wipes manufacturer, the following to give treasure mothers throughout the common sense about baby wipes:

Baby wipes are specially used for baby wipes, and adult wipes compared to the requirements of baby wipes are relatively higher, because the baby’s skin is very delicate, easy to allergic. Baby wipes are divided into general wipes and hand wipes, general baby wipes are usually used to wipe the baby’s small butt, hand wipes used to wipe the baby’s mouth and hand.


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Next, let’s talk about how to pay attention to some points when using baby wipes for the baby:

1. Baby wipes are insoluble in water. Do not throw them away in the toilet to avoid blocking.

2. If the baby’s skin has wounds or symptoms such as redness, swelling, pain and itching after using a certain kind of baby wipes, please stop using it and consult the doctor in time.

3. Please do not put the baby wipes in the place where the temperature and sunlight can reach. Please close the seal after use.

3. It should be placed out of reach of the baby’s hands to avoid the baby eating.

4. Please open the seal sticker when using, and close the sticker when not using, so as to keep the soft wipes moist.

5. In order to adhere to the wet baby wipes, should be selected according to the practice of using different types of wipes.


Post time: Sep-19-2022