Kitchen wipes is to scrub the kitchen sink, stove and other kitchen and bathroom supplies, with the effect of removing oil and antibacterial, very convenient. Kitchen wipes are mainly used to clean the kitchen. Good kitchen wipes contain natural antibacterial ingredients, which are effective in suppressing bacteria in the kitchen. In the era of no kitchen wipes, people are mainly clean the kitchen with rags, rags can be reused, but used for a long time, will emit a taste, and will be more and more black, wash not clean, its own has become the derivation of bacteria. The appearance of kitchen wipes solves the problem that rags can’t solve. Kitchen wipes are more capable of cleaning the range hood, stove, kitchen table and other bacterial “disaster areas”, and it is easy to wipe, one-time use, a wet cloth can wipe the range hood and stove once, the amount is also less, both safe and convenient.personalized wet naps


Baby wipes Well into the winter, the wipes need to be slightly heated before being used by your child. Because wet wipes are cool, direct use may make your baby uncomfortable or cold. Because baby wipes do not dissolve in water, parents should not throw used baby wipes into the toilet after using them, as they can easily cause clogging.personalized wet naps


Wet wipes mistake 1: big = safe, big is not safe ah! So what? Le Ma is also very sad, especially in the face of the complicated baby products market. Instead of trusting a brand name, read the ingredients and be a “scientific” mom! Choose baby wipes, the key is “no addition”! When buying, pay attention to the product ingredients on the package. It is better not to buy wipes containing propylene glycol, benzalkonium chloride, alcohol, fragrance, CIT(methyl chloroisothiocalinone), fluorescent agent and other ingredients, especially CIT, which has been banned by the European Union in 2014.

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Good wipes are often tasteless, to buy wet wipes for children, if the wet wipes fragrance is very heavy, that there is a problem, it is best not to use for children, because much flavor, easy to lead to children’s allergy to flavor. Parents can smell the wipes in advance to see if they smell bad before deciding whether to buy them. Carefully view the product manual, choose a detailed site, service telephone, health standards, enterprise standards and the relevant health department record number of the formal manufacturer’s products, pay attention to see whether there is ISO certification.


With the acceleration of the pace of life, baby wet tissue has become an indispensable important product in our parenting life, it not only bears the baby’s small butt cleaning task, even when going out, wet wipes also bear the baby’s small face and hands cleaning task. Let’s take a look at how wipes are used. Wash your hands before use and keep the product clean. Remove the seal sticker under the product from the direction of the guide. After use, put the sealing sticker back on the original seal.

Post time: Jan-31-2023