Is there any way to judge the water absorption of cotton soft towel? In the previous experiment to identify whether the cotton soft towel is pure cotton, we used the kitchen, and the water absorption of the cotton soft towel is still needed to be used in the kitchen. Other cotton soft cloth to do comparison must be the same area, gram weight. If two cotton scarves are one large and one small, perhaps one thick and one thin, there is no comparison.

The test method is as follows:

1. There are two kinds of cotton soft towel on the market, one is pure cotton raw material, the other is cotton soft raw material made of artificial fiber. The cotton towel made of cotton is gentle and delicate to the touch, and will not add any whitening agent. Artificial chemical fiber cotton soft towel price is relatively cheap, but will drop debris and touch will have a slippery feeling.Body wipes manufacturer

2, the general flexibility of pure cotton cotton soft towel how to pull will not deformation and will not drop flocs, water will not be scattered.Body wipes manufacturer

3. Softness mainly depends on the feel of dry use. Cotton feels more soft and better, and the effect of light is matte. And artificial fiber cotton soft towel feel will have a slippery feeling, feel will not be particularly soft, in the light of the lights will also show the effect of “shine”.

4, whether containing fluorescent agent if added fluorescent agent composition Body wipes manufacturer of cotton soft towel, under the irradiation of UV lamp can appear obvious blue spot. Cotton pads with chemicals such as fluorescent agents can irritate the skin and may spoil your face when used to wash your face.

5, the thickness of the thickness of the cotton towel determines whether the water absorption and use is convenient, if we use to wipe the face, a cotton towel can not dry the whole face, will feel that the use of the cotton towel is chicken ribs. Choose a moderate thickness of cotton towel is the best.

6, the size of the cotton soft towel is related to the use of convenience, scale and size can be determined according to the use of the scene. Used to wipe the baby’s hands and mouth, can choose small scale; It can be used to wash your face or wipe your butt. Scale large price and cheap cotton soft towel mother had better not to buy.

7, the brand of some substandard brand cotton towel raw material, process and so on May not be qualified, affect our experience, and even damage the skin, so we should choose the formal brand cotton towel infant product OEM. Two, how to distinguish the quality of cotton soft cloth cotton soft cloth base material is spunlaced non-woven, according to the different fibers and cotton fiber, wood fiber, bamboo fiber, polyester fiber and other differences. Maybe there’s a certain ratio between the two fibers.

Post time: Sep-21-2022