As one of the common items, wipes can bring you a lot of convenience, simple hand cleaning and wiping items, especially during the epidemic, hotels, dinner tables, conference tables and other places have wipes for consumers to choose. How to correctly choose and use the market, supermarket shelves full of wet towel products? Let’s see. At present, there are three main kinds of wipes on the market: ordinary wipes, only cleaning effect, no antibacterial, sterilization, disinfection effect. Sanitary wipes, which are made from nonwovens and other carriers added to production water, appropriate amounts of antibacterial/antibacterial and disinfectant. It has cleaning, anti – / antibacterial and bactericidal properties. Disinfection wipes, with nonwoven, fabric, dust-free paper or other raw materials as the carrier, purified water as production water, appropriate amount of disinfectant and other raw materials added, suitable for human body, surface of general objects, surface of medical equipment and other objects.wholesale flushable wipes

Wet wipes

How do you choose to use wipes in your daily life?wholesale flushable wipes

In fact, in daily life, cleaning hands is more important than disinfecting them. You should wash your hands with running water first. You can choose to use wipes or sanitary wipes when you are out and about without water. The main function of wipes is decontamination. wholesale flushable wipes Sanitary wipes are decontamination and bactericidal. Cleaning removes most of the microbes. Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands, wipe them with wipes, wash them carefully and wipe them down carefully.

1. For general cleaning, you can choose ordinary wipes.

2. If you want to kill bacteria, you can choose sanitary wipes. These two wipes are disposable sanitary products among disinfection products. There is a distinct difference in name. Only wipes that are bactericidal can be labeled “sanitary wipes” on their outer packaging.

3. As the “carrier disinfectant” of disinfection wipes, it is generally used in medical behavior. Medical institutions that choose to use disinfection wipes should check whether the product test report meets the corresponding disinfection requirements.

Post time: Nov-15-2022