Time unceasing development, people’s life also becomes more and more delicate, like many people now use wet towel to clean during, like shopping in the supermarket shelves of wet wipes also is full of beautiful things in eyes, diverse styles, should how to choose the right, and the use of various kinds of wet wipes, after all, such as wet towel wipe the skin have to considerate, There are three main types of wipes on the market: general wipes, sanitary wipes, and disinfecting wipes. Let’s talk about it in detail and how to buy it.


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1. Regular wipes dude wipes wholesale


It only has the function of cleaning, but does not have the function of antibacterial, bactericidal and disinfection. For general cleaning, choose regular wipes.dude wipes wholesale


2. Sanitary wipes


It is made by adding production water, appropriate amount of bacteriostatic and disinfectant to nonwovens and other carriers. It has the functions of cleaning, anti-bacteriostatic and bactericidal. If you want to achieve bactericidal effect, you can choose sanitary wipes.


3. Disinfectant wipes


Disinfection wipes refer to “non-woven materials, fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as the carrier, purified water for production water, appropriate amount of disinfectant and other raw materials, made of cleaning and disinfection products, suitable for human body, general object surface, medical equipment surface and other object surface. Disinfecting wipes as a “carrier disinfectant” are generally used in medical practices.


The above is a more specific guide to select wet wipes, I hope to help you, we are a professional production of all kinds of wet wipes company, if you need to contact us!

Post time: Nov-11-2022