Before washing our face, we should clean our hands first, which is to prevent the bacteria on our hands from running to the face, and after washing our face, we should also pay attention to the towel to wipe the face clean, but the towel is easy to hide all kinds of dirty things, so more and more people use the face towel to wipe the face. So what use does disposable face towel have? Is the correct use method of face towel what kind of?

What use does face towel have

A face towel is literally an object used to wipe the face.

It is made of special raw materials, in the appearance of a large piece of unloading cotton, also some similar to the paper, Body wipes manufacturer but it uses better materials than general cotton, used on the face without damage, much better than using a towel to wipe the face.

Proper use of face towel


1. Wet the face towel with water and wipe the face wet. This step will also start to remove the oil from the face;

2. Wash the face milk to rub the foam evenly on the face, massage in circles for a moment, if there is a cleanser, use a cleanser to clean the face;Body wipes manufacturer

3. Take a face towel, wet it to the point where it can drip, and wipe off the face cleanser according to the movements of the facial muscles;

4. Wring out the face towel after cleaning and wiping the excess water off the face again can not only take away the final dirt on the face, but also keep the skin on the face dry;

5. The end result is a skin-care process with water, serums, eye creams and lotions.Body wipes manufacturer

A face towel is better than a towel

A face towel is better than a towel, and washing your face with a face towel can prevent many skin problems caused by the proliferation of bacteria.

Towels are easy to multiply all kinds of bacteria in a humid environment for a long time. When you wipe your face with towels, bacteria will also be brought to your face, and the face is a sensitive part. Washing your face with towels for a long time will affect the health of your skin.

Face towel is disposable, the raw material is special, clean and sterile, used to wipe the face will not affect the skin.

Are you clear about the use method and detailed effect of hairdressing face towel? A LOT OF people HAVE a lot of QUESTIONS about face towel, after reading it should be able to answer the confusion in the heart, it is best to use face towel instead of towel!

Post time: Sep-21-2022