Cotton towel is a sanitary product that uses natural Xinjiang cotton as its raw material. In fact, like a dry wet towel, it can be used for washing a baby’s face and wiping its bottom, etc. The advantage is that cotton soft towel can be used for both wet and dry without the harm of wet towel. Wipes have a sterilizing effect, many of which contain alcohol, the baby cuticle is too thin too delicate skin irritation is too big, more can not wipe eyes, lips and other sensitive parts.Body wipes factory


And cotton soft towel dry wipe when not off flocculation, will not be inhaled by the baby or stick to the skin, the need for “dry towel wet”, dipped in mild purified water can be, but also to avoid the shortcomings of wet towel too cold.

In addition, cotton soft towel can also be used for washing face, generally long-term repeated use of the towel is easy to breed a large number of mites, the use of such a towel will make the skin rough, pores become large, cotton soft towel has strong water absorption and after sterile treatment, so in the morning with cotton soft towel face is a new choice for women who love beauty.Body wipes factory


Cotton towel originated from medical dressings, which require high cleanliness, softness, dandruff and dust removal. Later, with the promotion of spunlaced non-woven fabric technology and the improvement of cotton yield, cotton soft cloth gradually turned to the use of People’s Daily life.Body wipes factory


How to choose cotton towel?


1. Size: If the size is too small, you may accidentally get poo on your hands when you wipe your baby’s butt while changing a diaper


2 thickness: thickness should be just right, too thin can not absorb water, too thick if the softness will not be good ~


3. Softness: the cotton towel will be in direct contact with the baby’s skin, so the material should be soft, not soft, and easy to scratch the skin.


4 whether the hair: if the hair, in the process of wiping the wool will remain on the baby’s skin, and the wool cotton soft towel in the degree of skin-friendly is not too good ~.


Cotton soft towel is widely used:


1. Daily baby care


Paper towels are sometimes very rough and have confetti, which can easily cause skin irritation. In addition, when the baby has a cold, the nose will be wiped red, looks very distressed. During this time, cotton towels became very useful. Its material is very soft, not dandruff, no matter wipe nose, mouth, wipe head, wipe butt, can rest assured to use.


2. Ladies’ makeup remover


Fold the cotton towel several times and pour in the appropriate amount of makeup remover to remove makeup, saving money and convenience.


3. Clean the kitchen


What to do with a greasy plate? A cotton towel can absorb the grease first, thereby reducing the amount of detergent needed, protecting both hands and saving money! Clean washed cups and plates with a cotton towel to save drying time.


4. Everything imaginable can be rubbed.


Clean mirrors, lenses, toys, screens, tables and chairs, glass. There’s nothing you can’t wipe, it’s up to your imagination if it’s big enough!


Cotton soft towel


I do not know if you have had such an embarrassment: after dinner to wipe the paper towel, but only to see the paper towel flying catkins; When WANTING TO GO TOILET ARRANGE APPEARANCE, IT IS TO DO NOT MAKE UP COTTON, AFTER COMMON PAPER TOWEL IS WET WATER IS BROKEN EASILY, THE RESULT CAN GIVE UP AT THIS POINT…… These problems can be solved by putting a cotton towel in your bag. Why is that? Because it is “healthy” and “delicate” ah!


The so-called soft cotton towel, in fact, is made of natural cotton cotton towel, through sterilization and rough processing processing. Compared with ordinary paper towels, it has the characteristics of soft and delicate, no dandruff, strong water absorption.


Above ALL, USE RISE EXQUISITE, CAN AVOID ROUGH TO CUTANEOUS INFESTATION, CAN BETTER CARE FOR THE CHILD AND BROAD FEMALE TENDER SKIN. In addition, cotton towels are free of chemicals and can keep each other “unharmed” while keeping close contact with the skin.


Second, my experience, the use of cotton fibre level of soft towel itself is strong, such as clean beautiful elegant high-profile brand more strong, repeated use and knead flaky like tissue usually happen, both before and after meals, or facial wipe, don’t have to have — from worries, this is “healthy”.


Finally, because the cotton towel is cotton as raw material, even after wet water tear can also “resist in the end”. Not to mention that girls use it instead of cotton pads, boys use it as a lazy rag to clean is also a “problem”. In this regard, one caveat is the ultimate: The material is renewable and biodegradable, but it must not be thrown into the toilet bowl when it comes to water!


Although the above is just a list of three points, but the actual experience of the characteristics of far more than these, after all, it also combines thickness, durability, natural and other advantages. Want to know in fact, open a simple search can know, it is compared with ordinary paper towels and even the advantages of wet wipes.


One might think that such products are not cheap. Yes, because of its material and applicability, cotton wipes are more expensive than other products like paper wipes and baby wipes, but does that really matter? After all, the market of cotton soft towel is based on family style, and the price spillover is not much, but can be exchanged for many aspects of the use of experience and health protection, isn’t it enough?

Post time: Sep-02-2022