Baby wipes have become very popular now. Baby wipes are very safe and they are more gentle and comfortable to wipe than ordinary paper towels, so they are used by many parents. Baby wipes can replace towels to clean the baby dirty hands dirty face, and can play a role in moisturizing, for the baby diarrhea wash butt is also a good helper, but some poor quality wipes should not be used for children, when buying baby wipes, should choose some color white, without any impurities better. If the wipes you buy are fuzz, the quality is not up to standard. wholesale body wipes Therefore, for the sake of children’s safety, you should try out a wet towel first and see how good it is.


Propylene glycol is a commonly used moisturizing ingredient in wet wipes. In addition, wholesale body wipes aloe vera essence also has some moisturizing properties. Although some ingredients of wet wipes seem natural and safe, their effectiveness will be greatly reduced if they do not have moisturizers.

Baby wipes are useful in many ways, and everything you give your baby must be foolproof and absolutely safe, as every mother must believe. Baby wipes can also be used to wipe the baby’s toys, than clean water or paper towel wipe is much less work, cleaning effect is better, baby wipes is still very necessary to drop. wholesale body wipes The amount of wet wipes per baby every month is determined according to the baby month and the specific situation.


Wet wipes detection method: 1, test wear resistance: take a wet wipes to wipe dozens of times on the plane, and then compared to the surface of the wet wipes hair, hair less or no wipes quality is better. 2, test humidity: wipe the back of the hand with wet wipes, and then wait for 5 minutes, 30 minutes after observing the humidity of the back of the hand, the humidity of the back of the hand is better, indicating that the moisture effect of the wipes is also better. 3, test the pH value: the simplest way to test the pH value of baby wipes is to use the ph test paper, bring clean plastic gloves will wet the liquid test paper, and then compare the color of the test paper to determine the pH value of the wipes.


Wet wipes are generally divided into adhesive suction design and closed clamshell design, poor packaging sealing wipes, not only easy to water loss, but also cause bacterial growth, so pay attention to the sealing integrity of wet wipes when purchasing. In addition, after taking the wipes, it is necessary to immediately paste the sealing strip, so as not to affect the use, but also to avoid storing in high temperature or direct sunlight.

Post time: Dec-10-2022