Baby wipes are a gentle, safe, soft, baby cleanser designed for your baby’s body. Not only does it not destroy the baby’s protective coating, but it also removes bacteria and dirt easily and fights diaper rash easily. Baby wipes and adult wipes are different. Baby wipes are generally made of food-grade spunlaced non-woven fabric, without any alcohol or artificial flavors, because alcohol will stimulate the baby’s tender skin, and essence will make the baby feel uncomfortable. hanulsoo wipes The composition of water is usually pure water – ultra pure water – deionized water, etc., good moist wipes ph value is weak acid, and do not add any phosphors and other additives.

Good wipes are often tasteless, buy wipes for children, hanulsoo wipes if the wipes fragrance is very heavy, that there is a problem, it is best not to use for children, because much flavor, easy to lead to children’s allergy to flavor. Parents can smell the wipes in advance to see if they smell bad before deciding whether to buy them. Carefully check the product manual, choose a detailed address, service telephone, health standards, enterprise standards and the relevant health department record number of the formal manufacturer’s products, pay attention to see whether there is ISO certification.hanulsoo wipes


If parents use wipes for the first time or want to change the brand of wipes, they should try them out first to avoid adverse symptoms caused by long-term use. Buy a single package of wipes before choosing a new one, or pick one up when there’s an event to pick up a sample pack. Of course, parents should try it on their babies before trying it on them. If you can feel a strong sense of alcohol stimulation, do not give the child to try, because this kind of wipes may be harmful to the baby’s skin and body.


Baby wipes are generally made of spunlaced non-woven fabric. Spunlaced non-woven fabric is divided into two kinds, one is straight paving, and the other is cross paving net. The former tensile resistance is not good, the texture is relatively thin, but also more thorough, in addition to the deformation of the situation, but also easy to fuzz. When it is used for the baby, it is easy to cause the baby to feel uncomfortable. The nonwoven fabric of cross – layed mesh is also known as the vertical and horizontal mesh woven nonwoven fabric. This cloth has obvious advantages in tensile strength, unlike poor quality wipes easy to deformation, its texture is much thicker than the straight spread of non-woven fabric, not easy to penetrate the phenomenon. When it is used for the baby, it is much more comfortable than straight non-woven wipes. Material is very important, not only affect the feel and comfort, but also have a great impact on the cost and price.

Post time: Nov-04-2022