The use of disinfection wipes is recommended. Disinfection wipes can be used to clean hands, tables and chairs, before and after meals or in the absence of water and soap, but only so far. Because some of the ingredients contained in the disinfectant wipes also have an impact on the human body, such as chlorine, bleach powder, alcohol, etc., these ingredients will not be noted on the package,wholesale wipes but will irritate the skin, mucous membrane, eyes, damage the sebum membrane that protects the skin, frequent use will make the skin become dry, so it can not be used to directly wipe eyes, wounds, private parts.wholesale wipes

Disinfection wipes refer to “products with cleaning and disinfection effect made by using nonwovens,wholesale wipes fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as the carrier, purified water as production water, adding disinfectants and other raw materials in appropriate amount, which are suitable for human body, surface of general objects, surface of medical instruments and other objects”, also known as “carrier disinfectant”, for convenient use. A product in which a disinfectant of the required concentration is placed on a carrier, usually for medical use.


Wet wipes wholesale factory share wet tissue liquid composition, wet wipes is characterized by it has liquid in it, the content of liquid medicine in wet wipes generally accounts for about 80%, the main component is water and additives, in order to avoid the reaction of water and liquid medicine, the water used in wet wipes must be specially treated water such as refined water, pure water, etc.


There are many kinds of additives, the more common is the moisturizer – propylene glycol, it can help the effective substance in the liquid medicine dissolved in water, so that the water is not easy to volatilize; In order to maintain the activity of various substances in wet tissue, preservatives will be added, such as phenoxy ethanol, methyl parabens, etc. For qualified wet tissue, the amount of preservatives added is within the allowable range of the state.

Post time: Jan-03-2023